NTT Anode Energy Corporation (hereinafter “the Company”) implements company-wide measures to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information, based on the policy detailed below.

Acquisition of personal information

The Company acquires personal information only...
1. …within the scope necessary to achieve the stated purpose of use.
2. …using lawful and fair means.
3. …after clearly explaining the intended purpose of use.

Use of personal information

When the Company makes use of personal customer information that it has acquired, it will use the information solely within the scope of the stated purpose of use. In the case that the handling of personal information for achieving the purpose of use is outsourced to a contractor, only contractors who satisfy appropriate criteria will be selected for this work, even if the contractor is another NTT Anode Energy Group company, and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure protection.

However, in any of the following cases, the Company may disclose or provide personal data to a third party without the relevant customer’s consent.
1.If required by law.
2.If necessary to safeguard the life, health or property of someone, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
3.If particularly necessary to improve public health, or to promote the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
4.If it is necessary for cooperation with the execution of a legally mandated task by a national government body or a local government body, or by a party to which such a task is outsourced by such a body, and obtaining the consent of the customer might hinder the execution of such a task.

Proper management of personal information

In addition to striving to ensure the accuracy of customers’ personal information, the Company will undertake appropriate security measures, in particular preventive and corrective measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage, etc. of personal data.


The Company complies with all laws and regulations relating to personal information protection, as well as any other applicable data protection norms.

Continual improvement

Through internal audits, etc., the Company will continually review and improve its management system to maintain an appropriate personal information protection system.
* Reference: “NTT Group Information Security Policy”

Customer personal information held by the Company

1. “Purpose of use” of “retained personal data”

The personal information of customers will be used for the following purposes:
(1) Relevant business
Green power generation, VPP, advanced EV stations, backup power supplies, electricity retailing/wholesaling, and other matters related to the energy business
(2) Purpose of use
Item (1) business
 ・For marketing activities such as sending direct mail materials, pamphlets, etc., and canvassing by personal visit, telephone, or e-mail
 ・To execute contracts and to provide information and services, in relation to energy transactions
 ・For various after-sales-related tasks including providing customers with information on relevant services and products
 ・To provide customers with information relating to customer satisfaction questionnaires and other surveys
 ・For customer trend analysis to obtain statistical information and product development survey analysis
 ・For use in emergency and disaster response (including emergency contact) and safety management

2.Contact for inquiries about personal information

If you have any questions or comments regarding customer personal information, please contact us as follows:
Corporate Planning Department
Address: Otemachi 1st Square, 1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
Tel: +81 (03) 6738-3211

3. Personal information disclosure requests

If the Company is requested by a customer to disclose the retained personal data pertaining to him/her, it will respond without delay. Also, if there is an error in the retained personal data provided to the Company and the provider requests the Company to correct or delete them, and if after investigation there is found to be a good reason to do so, the relevant data will be corrected or deleted without delay. In any case, please contact us at the above contact.
Note that customers who inquire about their own personal data will be asked by the Company to follow a prescribed procedure after undergoing a prescribed “identification” procedure. Please be aware that we may also request payment of a handling fee for such inquiries.