Message from the President & CEO

Japan today is at a major turning point. We are faced with numerous issues to be solved, such as the growing scale of natural disasters fueled by a warming planet, depopulation in rural areas due to declining birth rate, and so on.

Based on thoroughgoing ESG Management, we NTT Anode Energy are maximizing the potential of renewable energy to promote earth-friendly economic activities.

Making use of such resources as the NTT Group-owned telecommunications facilities located throughout Japan and drawing on information and communication technology (ICT), we are delivering local energy for local use, providing valuable services that improve the lives of people in local communities.

As the NTT Group itself makes use of green power and works to improve power efficiency, we are playing a leading role in the efforts to reduce the Group’s environmental impact.

At NTT Anode Energy, while cooperating with various partners to meet diverse needs, we have our eyes on big goals, aiming to achieve a better society.

NTT Anode Energy Corporation

President & CEO

Company Outline

Company name NTT Anode Energy Corporation
  • Green Power Generation Business
  • Local Grid Business
  • Consumer Energy Business
  • Construction/Maintenance Operation Business
Address Granparktower, 3-4-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
President & CEO Teruyuki Kishimoto
Ownership 100% owned by NTT Corporation
Major group companies
  • ENNET Corporation.
  • NTT Smile Energy Inc.
Capital 7.92 billion yen
Establishment June 3, 2019


Jun. 2019 NTT Anode Energy is established as an NTT Group company.
Sep. 2019 NTT Anode Energy acquires NTT Smile Energy Inc. through a stock acquisition to make it a subsidiary.
Oct. 2019 NTT Anode Energy acquires Ennet Inc. through a stock acquisition to make it a subsidiary.
Jul. 2022 NTT Anode Energy Integrated power related businesses of NTT FACILITIES, INC.