Local Grid Business

Local Grid Business

To help local communities achieve energy independence by making stable use of local renewable energy, we are promoting local generation for local consumption of energy through the use of ”Battery Farms”, which reduces power transmission loss and enables balancing of supply and demand in the grid, for efficient energy use.

We solves problems in ways suited to each community, for example, by boosting resilience to disaster with the combination of solar power generation and battery storage, thereby helping customers achieve the goal of carbon neutrality while building a thriving local economy.

Battery Farms

Renewable energy is affected by weather vacillations, making it difficult to balance supply and demand. The use of Battery Farms is increasingly seen as a way to solve the intermittency of renewable energy, and to avoid having to curtail output when power generation exceeds demand.

The NTT Group has telecommunications facilities throughout Japan for maintaining the telecommunications infrastructure. These are equipped with storage batteries for ensuring telecommunications during a power outage. Our company leverages these telecommunications facilities as ”Battery Farms”.