Green Power Generation Business

Green Power Generation Business

Renewable energy, which does not emit greenhouse gases in power generation, is seen as one of the main future sources of electricity.

To meet the green energy needs of our customers and of the NTT Group, we are developing a variety of renewable energy power plants in such areas as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and micro hydroelectric, collaborating with diverse partners.

Our aim is to build sustainable power plants in harmonious coexistence with local communities, without cutting down forests or conducting earthmoving in large scale, and with attention to the ecosystem and living environment.

Renewable Energy Development Toward Realizing the New Environment and Energy Vision of the NTT Group

In September 2021, NTT formulated a new environment and energy vision, “NTT Green Innovation toward 2040,” to simultaneously achieve zero environmental impact and economic growth. Based on this vision, the NTT Group is aiming to be carbon-neutral by FY 2040.

To help realize this goal, our company is developing renewable energy power plants that will supply 3.8 billion kWh of renewable energy annually by 2030.